Old school methods in an internet mad world – part 1

Business Cards


Business cards by Simon Warren via moo.com pocket portfolio

So, take my average tube journey home.. its about 40 mins long over two tube lines and two buses.  There are a lot of people between 6-7pm in London, most of them going home from work or going out.  If you have ever been in a capital city you will know what I mean but what interested me most was the amount of people who were hooked on their phones, especially now we have WIFI on the tubes.

With this in mind I pose a question to you, if we are so connected to our phones and everything is done by email and the internet do people still use business cards? If so how on earth would they stand out and would you remember them?  I mean if we are to go really deep into it we can even ask if we actually ever make none business calls anymore with phones when there is Skype and facebook chat?

The really theory is how would you react to a business card or are they only left for high flying bankers mixing in the financial district bars? I could understand at events that it would be a good idea i.e. wedding fairs but with everything done online would they be forgotten about in a wallet?

What does everyone think, are business cards dying out now we have facebook pages and status updates with regular emails or are they still a key part of marketing and sharing your work/business?


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