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Karolina Laskowska lingerie crowd funding

So this is Karolina Laskowska

She makes some seriously amazing lingerie and is a self confessed addict, which is always great as she it shows that she is truly doing something she loves!  Her video is really sweet is as well!

On her Indigogo campaign she says

‘I’ve been making lingerie for a few years now – it originally started off as sewing one-off pieces for myself and for photoshoots, well before I even had any technical lingerie knowledge.  It was in the Summer of last year that I launched my brand, opening an online shop and getting my first wholesale stockist.  I’ve had more success and support than I could have imagined.  I sew everything myself, making the lingerie to order.  As proud as I am of what I’ve achieved in this short period of time, I want to move the brand forward;  I feel that I’ve moved on, both in terms of my technical knowledge and design wise, and I want my brand to reflect that.  The new collection that I’ve been designing showcases my love of couture-quality lace and luxurious silks, without compromising on my signature design aesthetic.’

Committed to her style and her brand or what!



Love this new photo of Sohui by Catherine Day Photography wearing a Karolina Laskowska ‘Klara’ garter!


She goes on to explain why she needs the money and what it would go towards

‘I started this brand with no real funding and I continue to do so. Unlike so many other lingerie brands that you may be familiar with, I have absolutely no investors or savings to start with. I am still a student, and live on a student budget – everything I’ve done so far has been done out of what little money I could spare. Materials have been bought in small quantities and I’d make garments one by one in what spare time I could find.  This new collection is the result of over a year’s worth of saving and buying materials bit by bit. Whilst I’ve managed to acquire the majority of fabrics and components for the new collection (the stunning leavers laces and kimono fabrics that the whole aesthetic is based upon), there are still elements that I’m struggling to afford – things you may not even consider, such as lining fabrics, elastic trims, tags and labels.   Realistically, my funding goal isn’t enough to fund a lingerie collection but I’m determined to make it work no matter how much is raised.  I’m visiting the factory I intend to use in Poland at the end of June regardless of how this campaign goes!’

Please visit her campagin here if you can donate as well that would be amazing although even spreading the word will be a great help, she really is a lovely woman who deserves all the help she can in creating what I think are truly beautiful designs.

Also imagine having her work as your wedding lingerie, now that I think would be stunning! Hope you agree and love her designs as much as I do!

Helen xx