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Secret dinner club – the rules

Secret dinner club

The purpose of this is to try new food and new places, pretty simple really although there are rules..

so, the rules…

1. Meals must be under £30

2. Taking in turns for choosing somewhere however if you haven’t decided on somewhere you can nominate someone else

3. Events are once a month

4. Locations are not disclosed only the nearest tube point on the morning of the event.

5. It doesn’t matter how many people go but they need to be regulars


Secret dinner club – 1

So.. its been a while, we have two new things.. tea and baking (also which tea goes with what food.. mostly cakes) but also secret dinner club.____

This started last night for us.  It all started because our friend Johanna realised that I had never tried Japanese food.  Sonja quickly joined in saying that I needed to try it and Andrew was intent on me trying new things so it seemed like a good plan, whats the worst that could happen… outside of the fact I don’t like fish.

Johanna suggested that we go to the following place in Holborn, London as its the best place she has been to.  I have to admit it was rather ace.  The service was a little slow but it was rather busy however Johanna said this wasn’t normal.

I ordered chicken teriyaki, a normal safe kind of dish I think, again it was rather ace. This mixed with a very well made and bottomless green tea was perfect.  Add the sake and the conveyor belt sushi thing that was next to our table it was exciting.

We started me on the cucumber maki which I believe is called kapa, kind of bland with hints of seafood but im mostly sure that part was in my head.  We also added in some dumpling type things into the mix, something with crab in it which didn’t taste fish like at all (thankfully for me!) and roe which is fish eggs.  All I can say in the last part was that the texture was a lot like bubble wrap, it was very odd.

Everyone else had a mix of food and some of the sharing plates as well, we also followed it up with ice cream (more on that later).

The overal cost was about £20 each by the end of the night including ice cream which works for the budget and for experimenting.

The food was also totally worth it  and a great experience.

8.5/10 I think, good starting point 😀