Tea Tuesday

Hi, welcome to the first of many ‘Tea Tuesday’ blog posts, in these posts I am going to review a different kind of tea that I have tried during the week and hopefully encourage people to try new tea flavours.  I would also like people to recommend different flavours for me to try and also to share their tea experiences/favourites with everyone else.

The first tea we have is one that surprised me greatly its called Keemun Tea.

Keemun tea is a black tea is one of the most popular teas grown in the Anhui province in Central China. This tea produces a lovely bright red infusion and has a soft and mild taste with a delicate aroma.

To me it has a much softer taste than many black teas i have tried and is very easy to drink in the early evening or late afternoon.  It has an almost wine like flavour to it with bittersweet elements of the best dark chocolate, a light tannic bitterness and hints to warm spicy sandalwood notes, there is also the merest edge of cloves and juniper, similar to that in mulled wine which makes a beautiful relaxing drink.

To create the perfect cup use one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per person and as this is a black tea you use boiling water and leave it to brew for 4 mins exactly, anymore will create that horrible bitter taste in tea not create a stronger brew – a common mistake!

If you have tried it let me know what you think! Personally, I adore it!




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About Helen Lambert Photography

London based photographer, wanting to capture the beautiful and the individual.. especially within weddings, I have a fashion photography background. I am also working in a tea shop in central London and I am rather obsessed with tea. check out www.helenlambert.com

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