Topshop goes bridal!

So it has been rumoured for a while that Richard Nicoll and Topshop (they wonderful duo have worked together five times now) were going to get together and create a bridal range and on the 29th May it became official (or at least thats the earliest source I can find and that was from Vogue online).

Nicoll said ‘I loved the idea of doing wedding dresses with Topshop because I wanted to offer a younger, cooler alternative to meringue culture, something special, but not precious, like my friends, something they would wear if they were getting married,’ Nicoll also says that ‘The dresses are marketed as bridal but would equally be suitable as bridesmaid or cocktail dresses.

I think its lovely that someone more ‘mainstream’ is going against the obvious meringue dresses (although they do suit quite a few people) however im not sure that a wedding dress being perfect for a party is really my thing.  I also don’t see how it not being precious is a key idea, surely it would be precious because of your day? I can understand having something that doesn’t cost thousands or something like a corset you would re-wear but in some ways precious even for a moment before the re-use is something to be kept in tradition wise?

I also think these dresses are maybe more suited as reception wear unless someone is having a very low key party, I would certainly love to see the wedding photos of someone who gets married in one of these to see how they choose to style it all.

He was also quoted as saying “I’ve added a some red carpet options to my forthcoming resort collection but wedding dresses are not something I plan to launch,” Nicoll – who has made wedding dresses for friends in the past – told us. “Of course I’m happy to make them on request but I’m not the new Vera Wang.’

Marie Claire was also quick to feature information about the line saying that ‘the line features seven alternative styles – think floor-length lace tiered gowns, short strappy designs, slips and loose shifts in either traditional white or more forward-thinking pink – all in his signature edgy style.’

It becomes available in selected stores and on the website on 15th June  and features lace and silk dresses in both white and pink – priced from £75 to £350 – and is called Tie The Knot! here is the full collection



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