Sunday Bake Day!

So as what normally happens when I am either stressed or want to take some time to relax is read a book although these days i’ve also become rather restless so have got back into baking.  I use to bake a lot with my mum when I lived with her in Derbyshire but since I went to uni I haven’t had the largest amount of free time.

I also live with a group of people who love baking (both eating my goodies and cooking as well) its a lovely atmosphere as well all get together and cook, often someone does dinner and the others do a cake or something however this weekend its only Andrew and I who are in so I baked a couple of cute fairy cakes.

The plan is to take most of them downstairs to the flat below to the Polish builders who are there at the moment as a. they are lovely and b. keep fixing anything that goes wrong in our house (especially when we had a leak), they are some the loveliest neighbours we have ever had, its a shame they aren’t staying.

So yes, welcome to my world of chilled relaxation.. of course I couldn’t bake without taking photos of the process 🙂 Andrew even took a photo of me for you all to see. I would also like to add that the soundtrack to this venture was lots of Disney and the Juno soundtrack 😀


Here is the end result… YUM!


p.s. if anyone wants the recipe let me know and I can write it up for you all, its rather simple but I am odd and bake in ounces 🙂


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